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Consistent excellence

Mike & Bruce: Thank you for countless hours of entertainment. I enjoy each and every interview and applaud you both for your enthusiasm, open ended questions which allow your guests to answer thoughtfully and your willingness to let your guests be the show. I wish you and your families Merry Christmas and may God bless you with good health in the coming years.

Makes me want to play Persimmons and Balatas

What a great listen. I have so much appreciation and understanding of these legends when I hear their stories. Mike is great and I am glad he is there, but that Bruce Devlin does a Podcast at age 83, and is sharper than I am at half his age is inspiring.

Insights from Golf’s Greatest Ambassadors

Great guests, wonderful stories, timeless lessons, insights about the game and the future of golf. Masterful job by Mike and Bruce. Most enjoyable golf-themed podcast out there. Keep it going!

Super Golf Podcasts!!!

Enjoying so very much the interviews with the greatest golfers in the world. An Avid Fan

What a great podcast!

Can’t wait to hear more from Jack, Gary, Ben and Bruce.


If you love golf ; and the inside stories; this is for you.

Great Storytelling Ahead

This teaser kicks off with a classic anecdote from the Tour. I look forward to hearing more stories like this.

Mr. Bruce Devlin

I’ve known Bruce (Pro) for several years. I can attest that he, and his BETTER HALF Gloria, are two of the most genuine people you could ever hope to meet. I can’t wait to hear every episode. I love the both dearly. Jerry Wood

Capturing those stories of old...what fun.

Bruce and Mike promise to ensure we have a record of many of the fun and entertaining stories of yesteryear from the PGA tour, and much more. I am so pleased that this forum will allow us to record those aged memories for generations to come. Keep ‘em coming...and have fun!

Excited for this new golf storytelling podcast

This promises to be a great new golf podcast. Looking forward to the interviews and stories!

Great storytelling from the best

I know Mike and Bruce will bring great content and stories from those that we old duffers grew up with.

Could be a winner!

This podcast has great promise. Looking forward to their upcoming “storytelling”!