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Women‘s Major Champions Episodes

Listen to each of our interviews with the women greats of the game who are major championship winners.
Feb. 16, 2023

Amy Alcott - Part 1 (The Early Years)

World Golf Hall of Fame member, Amy Alcott, begins her life story growing up in Brentwood, California and playing "Yard Golf" with makeshift holes and a chopped off 8-iron. Alcott Golf & CC they called it, and there she playe...

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Feb. 15, 2023

Beth Daniel - Part 1 (The Early Years)

World Golf Hall of Fame member Beth Daniel begins her life story by recollecting her days growing up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Thanks to her supportive golfing parents, Beth was introduced to the game at age 6 and …

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Feb. 14, 2023

Dottie Pepper - Part 1 (The Early Years and the 1992 Nabisco Dinah Sh…

2-time major winner and popular golf broadcaster, Dottie Pepper, takes us back to learning the game under the watchful eye of her father Don and early mentor George J. Pulver, Sr. who Dottie honored with her recent book A Let...

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Feb. 13, 2023

Sally Little - Part 1 (The Early Years)

2-time major championship winner Sally Little begins her life story, learning the game as a young lady in apartheid South Africa. Tagging along with her father pulling a trolley for money, Sally's game, beginning at the age ...

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